Albuquerque, NEW MEXICO – The mother, identified as 27-year-old Miranda, initially brought her baby, Ares, to the hospital, claiming she found him unconscious in his crib. However, medical professionals discovered alarming signs of neglect and abuse. Ares was malnourished, with multiple fractures to his skull, chronic brain bleeding, and bruising on his ears and body. The severity of his injuries suggested prolonged mistreatment.

Subsequent investigation revealed further distressing details. Bruises and red spots were found on Ares, and his condition rapidly deteriorated due to the severe brain injuries he had sustained. Despite Miranda’s claims of innocence, she admitted that Ares had fallen from his crib while she slept, denying knowledge of how his injuries occurred. She asserted sole responsibility for Ares’ care, despite living with her boyfriend and another couple.

Ares’ father, Brandon, was incarcerated at the time, and Miranda’s two other children resided with her parents. Authorities focused their inquiry on Miranda, uncovering disturbing evidence at her residence, including a foul odor in the baby’s room, spoiled milk, blood-stained bedding, and drug paraphernalia. Miranda’s narrative clashed with the evidence. She claimed Ares appeared normal until she discovered him motionless in the evening. Medical professionals diagnosed Ares with a severe brain injury consistent with shaken baby syndrome, challenging Miranda’s assertions.

Further scrutiny of Miranda’s phone revealed troubling images of Ares, including one with “thug life” and “loco” markings on his body. While the origin and timing of these photos were unclear, prosecutors argued they indicated a pattern of mistreatment. Miranda ultimately pleaded guilty to five counts of child abuse, receiving a six-year prison sentence. Her conviction underscored the gravity of Ares’ ordeal and served as a somber reminder of the importance of protecting vulnerable children from harm.