Per court documents, a 44-year-old father named Calvin brought his 15-month-old daughter, Alcenti, to a hospital, where she was pronounced dead upon arrival. The circumstances surrounding her passing raised suspicions, prompting an investigation that led authorities to the hotel where Calvin was staying. Allegedly linked to a cult, Calvin purportedly confined them all in the room and instructed his daughter to restrict food as punishment.

Upon entering the room, officials discovered Alcenti’s mother, Iasia, along with three other malnourished children aged 3 to 5, and Calvin’s daughter, Najlaa, who bore two of the children. Alcenti’s demise was attributed to starvation, while Sweeting and the other children managed to survive. Investigative efforts unearthed writings about the cult, a blend of black supremacy ideologies intertwined with reverence for Egyptians and the pyramids.

Calvin and Najlaa faced charges encompassing multiple counts of murder and child cruelty. Additionally, Calvin faced accusations of r-pe, s-domy, and i-cest. Pleading guilty in court, he received a life sentence with the possibility of parole, part of a plea agreement.

Prosecutors revealed that investigations revealed Calvin fathered two children with Najlaa and another with Iasia. Allegedly, Calvin instructed Najlaa to withhold food from Sweeting and the children as punishment for disobedience.