As per reports, a 45-year-old mother named Kimberly was allegedly arrested for assaulting her 11-year-old daughter in what officials described as a disturbing incident involving a ritual. The incident occurred at a secluded beach where Kimberly purportedly subjected her daughter to biting, beating, and choking, while also forcing sand into her mouth and eyes. Fortunately, a witness intervened before the situation escalated further. It’s reported that around 10 to 12 people witnessed the attack.

One witness, Michael, recounted that Kimberly claimed she was removing demons from her daughter during the ordeal. He attempted to restrain her as she repeatedly struck the girl’s head with a piece of driftwood. Michael remained on the line with emergency services while struggling to control Kimberly. Upon the arrival of deputies, they were able to separate the mother and daughter, eventually taking Kimberly into custody.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Michael revealed Kimberly’s inquiries about his faith during the distressing event. Kimberly faces pending charges of attempted homicide, assault with a deadly weapon, child abuse, and aggravated mayhem. The young girl sustained severe injuries, including significant damage to her right ear, and is now under protective custody.

Authorities expressed grave concern, stating that the intervention likely saved the girl’s life. Michael, reflecting on the incident, expressed relief at halting the assault, emphasizing the shock that bystanders failed to intervene sooner. Sgt. Allen highlighted the ongoing investigation, including awaiting results from Kimberly’s toxicology test.