The 9-year-old girl, only identified as Dafne, reportedly gave birth to her stepfather’s baby. Unfortunately, she will never have another child after ‘the doctors who delivered her baby performed a procedure – without her family’s approval.’ The 9-year-old child was reportedly sterilized by the doctors – against her family’s wishes, it was revealed. The child was given the procedure following the delivery without the consent of her own mother. Claims have been made by neighbours against the stepfather, including that he has abused one of his own biological daughters and used to beat Dafne and share a bath with her, according to The Daily Mail.

DNA test results have revealed that the girl’s 44-year-old stepfather is the father of the child and not her teenage boyfriend. Government officials in Mexico have used DNA tests to confirm the identity of the baby’s father after she originally told hospital workers that her 17-year-old boyfriend had impregnated her. State prosecutors reportedly did an anthropological study of the girl, which was not described in detail, which helped them to conclude that she is 12 years old. The birth certificate shows that Dafne is nine. On the birth certificate the stepfather is also named as the father. The birth certificate was issued by the town hall, where Dafne and her family have been living for six years.

Dafne only got her own birth certificate a year and two months ago when she tried to go to school and it was requested of her. Dafne has been dubbed ‘baby mother’ by Mexican newspapers, a pun on the term usually used to refer to the mother of a child, and not the fact she is still a youngster herself. She has 10 brothers and sisters and is said to be doing well and happy that the birth is over. Local news outlets have reported that the girl could have been ra-ed multiple times over several months but claimed that it was never violent. It also claimed that after seven months of the pregnancy when everyone found out her boyfriend he asked her to run away with him, but she refused.  

UPDATE: In a follow up investigation, authorities discovered that Dafne has not been sterilized as earlier reports suggested but has been surgically fitted with an implant that will stop her getting pregnant. The device can be removed by a surgeon and in theory she can have another baby, officials said. Dafne’s mother has reported the hospital to the local human rights commission because she claimed she did not approve the procedure. But in a press conference health commissioner Serrano said that he had a note in which she gave her written permission.