If you are a parent, you can probably say that you don’t love surprises from your children. If your children surprise you, it is probably with something bad like a speeding ticket or a bad grade. But that doesn’t always happen. Sometimes, your children can fool you and actually put a smile on your face with a positive surprise. Whatever it takes, parents will do their best to take care of their children, no matter what point they are at in their lives. This amazing father decided to check in on his daughter to see what she was doing. There was a note written by a father’s daughter when he looked in on her instead of his daughter being in her room. When he started reading the letter, the father started to get emotional because of the heartfelt words that were written. She was telling her father a story that was so heartbreaking and shocking as each line of the letter went on down the page.

The father saw through his daughter’s words that he hadn’t been the role model that his daughter needed throughout her life. When he started reading the last line of the letter, the father started to cry because of the feelings that his daughter had toward him. After reading the letter, the father started looking for Anna, his daughter. She hadn’t been seen in a few hours, and he wanted to make sure that she was alright. He thought that talking to her would cheer him up since he had watched his favorite football team lose a game. When he went to talk to her, the letter was in her room instead of Anna’s. Her clothes were gone, and most of her personal belongings were removed from the room. The father knew that something wasn’t right and that he needed to find his daughter right away.

The letter informed her parents that she was leaving to elope with her boyfriend. Anna talked about how much she loved him and described what he looked like from his scars to his tattoos. She also informed her parents that she was pregnant. The couple planned to move into his trailer and that they planned to have more children in the future. As the father got about halfway through the letter, he read about Anna’s boyfriend letting her know that marijuana isn’t a bad drug and that they would have over a dozen plants behind their home. As the couple sold marijuana to their friends, they would receive pills for payment.

She also talked about how she wanted a cure for AIDS to come along fairly quickly because her boyfriend suffered from the disease. Friends of Anna’s boyfriend had arranged for her to work as an actress so that she could make money. If there were three or more men in the scenes, then she would make more money than the initial $50. Anna’s father read that he could see his grandchild when he visited her. At the bottom of the letter, Anna informed her father that nothing in the letter was true and that she had only gone to her friend’s home. She also wanted to let him know that there are things that are more important than which team wins or loses a football game and that she would be home shortly.