Per reports, the then-46-year-old mother and teacher was arrested and charged after she reportedly found her husband in bed with another woman. The man reportedly called police and filed a domestic abuse charge against his wife, then told them she was also suicidal. When police arrived at their home, they reportedly found the woman lying in the backyard, cursing loudly, but she told cops she was not planning on killing herself.

According to the statement, the woman, Christine, was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after she reportedly hit her husband with a shoe because she found him in bed with another woman.

Christine was being held without bond because police say she threw her shoe at 49-year-old husband Larry after walking in on him having s-x with another woman. “Wouldn’t you be this upset if you came home to this?” Christine Black reportedly asked police, according to reports.

The husband reportedly said the shoe struck him in the left side of the face, but the police report indicates he was not seriously injured. Black has denied “beating” her husband, but reportedly said she was depressed and wanted a divorce.