Our daughters are hard-wired to look to us fathers as protectors. Don’t be discouraged because the key to this challenge is awareness and family communication. Be a strong, loving presence in your daughter’s life, stay well connected, and make sure, beyond a doubt, that she knows how much you love her. Raising teens is not easy and raising teenage daughters can make a strong person quake. And last, but not least important – don’t do what this couple did.

The couple from the southern Spanish city reportedly sold their daughter because they wanted to settle their debt of over $4,500. Police reports suggest that she was sold to three people, a couple and another relative—so they could repay the money they had borrowed from moneylenders. They also struck a deal with them that their 12-year-old daughter could be married off to the 18-year-old teenager who was among the three people arrested. Local media reports that the investigation for the child began after the child’s school contacted the parents to enquire about her since she’d been missing too many classes. At the time, both parents seemed to keep fumbling about the child’s whereabouts, prompting the teachers to report the absence to education authorities and to the police.

A month after the complaint, police officials managed to locate the girl and she is said to have burst into tears after spending so long in captivity. Investigators are now trying to conclude if the girl was se-ually assaulted while in captivity. Health emergency workers were dispatched to the home where the girl was found. She has been placed in the care of social services, where she will undergo a medical check to determine whether she has been physically abused. Two of the three people held at a flat on suspicion of human trafficking and kidnap were remanded in custody after appearing before a judge in a closed court hearing.

Two other minors were also found on the property and an investigation is ongoing to find out if they were being held against their will, too.  Once she finishes her checkup, the 12-year-old will be allowed to go live with relatives who were against her sale in the first place. However, thorough checks will be carried out in their homes before the girl is handed over.  Details of the parents and the legal actions taken against them have not been revealed yet.  People were shocked to know that a child’s own parents could do something like this. Karen shared: “All ‘parents’ involved should be locked up and any other children removed – this is disgraceful in this day and well done to school & police for saving this child.” Meanwhile, Lucy added: “that poor girl. Hope she is ok? The parents should be ashamed of themselves,” according to The Sun

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