A healthy newborn baby is such an amazing gift, especially for those of us who are more sensitive to the fragility of a growing baby and the worry that something could go wrong. I can only imagine the pain of carrying a child, going through labor only to be told that your baby had died.

Genevieve was 18 years old when she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. When she had her child in 1949 times were different, and as a young, unmarried woman her doctors took Genevieve’s baby away and told her she was dead. I cannot imagine how heartbreaking that news must have been. All this woman wanted to do was hold her baby but she wasn’t even given that choice. “When I told them I wanted to see the baby, she told me she’d died,” Genevieve told Fox News.

Sadly, Genevieve never had any more children after a hysterectomy left her unable to conceive. At 88 years old this sweet lady, who had been through so much, found herself living alone in an assisted living facility; the only surviving one of her family out of eight children. But little did she know the surprise she was going to get. About 1,500 miles away from where Genevieve lives, a woman called Connie was given an Ancestry DNA kit for Christmas.

Connie was adopted as a newborn by a family. But, from the age of five she had wondered who her real mother was and immediately set to work to see what she could find. Her research led her to a woman who recognized Connie’s birth mother as her aunt and told her the news she was still alive. The reunion was emotional and now this sweet lady no longer feels alone in the world after not only discovering her precious daughter but that she also has grandchildren and great grandchildren. Watch this beautiful reunion in the video below. It’s a perfect example of how it’s never too late.