We can often jump to conclusions where teenagers are concerned; presume that they’re up to no good. We all remember what a difficult time it was being a teenager, having to cope with changes within us and feelings that can be overwhelming. But often it’s teenagers who remind us that despite the hurdles we face we should always strive to do the right thing.

Officer Joe was on duty in when he saw a woman in need, she was struggling to get out of her car as high winds and rain pushed against her. Before he could do anything a teen came running over to her, took his shirt off and wrapped it around the woman, shielding her from the torrential downpour. Officer Joe was so impressed with the teen’s actions he took a picture of him and shared it on social media. He wrote a description of the scene he had just witnessed adding: “I’m touched by this kid.”

He added: “So today I experienced something that actually set me back a little. It didn’t set me back because I was shocked but because I got to witness it first hand.” Officer Joe followed the teen back to his car to tell his mom how proud she should be of her son and what he had just done. “I told his mom that she has done amazing with him and I hope and pray he goes places. She started tearing up,” he wrote. He told the teen and his mom that he wanted to buy them a meal and they took him up on his offer.

“As promised after finding him I took him out to dinner. He and his wonderful mom Ebony enjoyed some Red Lobster,” Officer Joe wrote. When one of the teen’s family members saw the news, he called the police department to let Officer Joe know that the teen’s name was Tyrea. Officer Joe was thrilled when he finally put a name to the face because he wanted to do something nice for the teen, the way that he did for the elderly woman in the pouring rain.