When Brock was delivered, his mother, Darcy, and the doctors believed he was an average boy, and considering that he weighed under eight pounds and was 22 inches long, they had no reason to doubt. Nevertheless, it didn’t take long for Darcy to realize that her child was not like the other children. After they went home, Brock’s mom soon noticed that her child was growing rather quickly compared to the other children. Still, she didn’t think anything was amiss. Soon, the young boy was outgrowing all the clothes his parents had bought for him, and the onesies couldn’t fit him anymore. Even though he was happy, energetic, and active, he was maturing faster than his peers.

As much as growth spurts are normal, Brock’s life seemed like he was constantly growing, with no pause. Kindergarten was soon calling, Brock had to go to school, and someone made an observation that changed the course of his life. For the most part, parents would say that their children are growing faster than they should be, but his case was different. His mom, Darcy, knew he was growing at a faster-than-average rate, and she confirmed this on his first day in kindergarten.

Even with his insane growth rate, Darcy still treated Broc like a kid, but it was difficult. The boy couldn’t play the same way his peers would, and it was becoming increasingly hard for him to complete the regular everyday tasks. Concerned about her son’s rapid growth, the mother decided to find some answers, and she suspected that it was caused by something worse than the normal growth spurt. So they went to their family doctor for Brock’s thorough checkup and were referred to another physician. Brock went for an extensive checkup when he was only five years old and was diagnosed with a rare condition affecting one in 15,000 people. The boy was diagnosed with Sotos Syndrome, also known as “cerebral gigantism.”

The diagnosis changed Brock and his mother Darcy’s life, and she constantly worried about his health and future. She mulled, “There’s nothing that can stop him from growing – I don’t know if he will ever stop.” Considering that Sotos Syndrome was incredibly rare when the family first found out about the diagnosis, they didn’t have much information. Darcy only thought that her child would grow faster than the other children in his class. As per the typical symptoms of people born with Sotos Syndrome, they experience speedy growth throughout their lifetime, where they swiftly outgrow their peers. From a young age, they quickly surpass their parents and older siblings.