MINOT, N.D. – All week, we’ve been reporting who stands to benefit from the $900 billion stimulus package passed by Congress.

The City of Minot is another recipient — assuming the bill will be signed by the president.

The bill includes a one-year extension for the city to spend the rest of its $74.3 million of National Disaster Resilience funding, from Sept. 30, 2022, to September of 2023.

The funds are going toward projects like the Center for Technical Excellence, moving City Hall and acquisitions for the Flood Control Project.

But because of weather, COVID-19 and the complexity of the projects, the city’s NDR program manager says he was worried the city couldn’t meet the spending deadline.

“If there was a sudden delay or an unexpected delay then they’re the ones that would’ve put us at risk for being outside of the [deadline]…So between the ones that are on timelines and the ones that are great programs that we can now extend out further, it really is a win-win for the city,” said John Zakian.

He says the bill also extends the gap financing program, which offers assistance to those impacted by the flood up to $60,000.