There are plenty of couples out there who can attest to the fact that they, for one reason or another, simply couldn’t fall pregnant. Or at the very least it took them a deal of time trying before they did. Others have no problem with conceiving a child, but the truth of the matter is the whole process can be more challenging than most of us realize.

Just ask Sara and Andy, a couple who tried everything in their power to have a baby. For three years, Sara and Andy dreamt of falling pregnant, and were determined not to give up hope when it began to look like they were destined to be disappointed. With IVF treatment too costly, the couple ultimately decided to turn to adoption to make their dream of having children come true. The couple was matched with a birth mother and Sarah was delighted to be able to accompany the pregnant mom when it came time for her very first ultrasound. Yet neither Sara nor Andy could ever have predicted the news they would get on that fateful day.

What the ultrasound revealed shocked everyone: the doctors, the birth mother, and the couple alike. The woman was pregnant with not one baby, but three! Some months later, triplets Joel, Hannah, and Elizabeth were delivered without a hitch. Sara and Andy finally had the family they had been waiting for all along! Only, there was one huge twist left in the tale. Around one week after welcoming the triplets into her home, Sara started to feel a little out of sorts. She scheduled a doctor’s appointment, wondering if perhaps she wasn’t beginning to fall sick. But it wasn’t sickness Sara had. No, though it might sound completely out of this world, Sara had fallen pregnant herself! And the good news didn’t stop there.

Two months later, Sara went in for a scan to find out the se* of the baby. When she was done, she rang Andy to tell him: “One is a boy.” “One?” Andy shouted back. That’s right, Sara wasn’t just pregnant, but pregnant with twins! Fortunately, the Justices could see the irony of the situation, and welcomed the news with happiness in their hearts. Sure, their home life was about to get a whole lot crazier, but they accepted that this unbelievable turn of events must be happening for a reason. Just imagine it, five children all under one year old! And I thought it was tough with just one.