According to the mother, Brenda, her 7-year-old daughter, AIyssa, reportedly received her worksheet from the teacher, which had an angry note in red asking her to stop writing her name in cursive instead of print. While it understandable that a teacher’s directions need to be followed, it hardly seems reasonable for a teacher to discourage young AIyssa from practicing it.

Her hard work needs to be praised rather than being met with an angry note. According to a social media post with a picture of the worksheet, the teacher simply wrote: “Stop writing your name in cursive. You have had several warnings.”

Teaching children to write in cursive may not really be a priority in all schools, but it an art that needs to be fostered in the children who have taken it upon themselves to learn. Cursive requires focus, concentration and lots of practice to master, which means that Alyssa needs praise, not being shamed or made to stop.

It’s important that teachers and adults urge children to delve into new things. When children look for new chances to learn, the adults in their life become their source support and reassurance to help them see that the skill is worth pursuing. Therefore, it’s vital that teachers take the time to foster the love of learning rather than discouraging it.