During an interview with IocaI news outlet, the unfortunate parents, Emma and Aron, reportedly said that they rushed their baby to hospital when they saw a lump growing on their 7-month-old child’s neck and she had developed a high fever and infection. Doctors thought it was a swollen gland and sent her home.  They had broken the pimple to drain it and drew marks on the baby’s face to measure whether the swelling increased. However, several days later, after the doctor scraped off a scab that had formed, her parents noticed something that appeared to be a string or a stick popping out from the infection.

Aaron said that they decided to leave the mysterious string or stick alone because the doctors hadn’t done anything to it. Doctors and parents were in for a huge shock. A doctor looked closer and identified it as the end of a feather and ended up removing the 2-inch feather from the baby’s neck. 

The seven-month-old baby, Mia, girl was rushed to the hospital after her parents noticed that an area just below her jaw puffed up to the size of one and a half gold balls with a pimple on top. Doctors had initially diagnosed the bump for an infection, but they were baffled when they discovered that the underlying cause of the baby’s distress was a two-inch-long black feather that had wedged underneath Mia’s skin.

Doctors suspect that Mia must have swallowed or inhaled the feather, which apparently went through the inside of her cheek or throat and then over time, her body pulled it out the other way. Mia’s mother Emma said that they had a down pillow on their bed, but Mia is normally never on it, and that the down pillow had been in the couple’s laundry room for months. Whatever it is, Mia’s parents say that they are throwing away the pillow.