According to the police officials, the unidentified woman, who was ‘indecently assaulted’ reportedly injured the 61-year-old man, Denis S., to stop the attack and escape. Denis, who is registered se* offender, is accused of picking up the woman at a gas station. The victim told police that she was there to meet someone she’d been talking to online when she got into the suspect’s truck on August 8. 

She stated that “something did not seem right” when she got into the truck, so she handed him $5 and asked him to drop her off at a certain place, and the 61-year-old man apparently said that it was okay. However, he took a wrong turn and allegedly held a knife to her throat. He reportedly drove to his home where he se-ually assaulted her. She tried to escape, and says she severed his pe-is and stabbed him with his knife, the County Sheriff’s Office incident report states.

Denis reportedly denied the accusations, but admitted to the injuries: “It was pretty bad, pretty tragic, what happened to me. If things had not transpired as they had, I would have been found here at my house dead.” He stated that he remained in intensive care for over a month because of the injuries. A neighbour, Jacqueline, across the street saw the naked and bloody victim on her security footage, but refused to let her into her home. 

Jacqueline said: “I didn’t open the door because you never know what’s going on with that kind of stuff,” so she told the victim, “we need to call the police.” Denis was arrested and later charged with kidnapping and criminal se-ual assault. He was released on a $75,000 bond.