We’ve all seen the movies. The ones where a family moves into a really old house, and at some point, someone stumbles upon the entrance a secret passage.  Where it leads is different, depending on the plot of the movie. Maybe you live in an old house and have always wondered if it holds some secrets. And you want to know if it’s possible to detect secret doors in the home. Maybe. But first, a word of warning. While secret rooms are becoming more popular all the time, they haven’t always been. In fact, if an old house has secret compartments, there are a couple common reasons.

Alexandra has been living in this house since 1974. No need to say that she is deeply attached to her home and knows each and every corner of it. At least, this is what she used to think. She was a grown up now and her abode had gone even older. Surprisingly, none of them ever could smell the secret this house was hiding for years. Whereas the home residents never felt anything extraordinary about the house, the outsiders always sensed something unusual about the place every time they set their foot into this house. They even used to discuss this with the homeowners but they would laugh it off in return, let alone getting conscious.

Once Alexandra’s father had a conversation with one of his friend regarding the house. Alaxendra recounts “There was a neighbor out back, an old doctor and his wife.” His father’s friend had warned him that the house was harboring something really sinister. Now even Alexandra began to wonder if what his father’s friend said was right.  Was there something supernatural roaming inside the house? She needed to find out.She further recalled that the man had also said that there was another basement inside the basement. However, her father did not take it seriously and considered it just the meaningless rambling of the old man. Alexandra began to wonder if he was right?

Alexandra decided to check the basement herself. She went down to the cellar and looked around. Nothing suspicious caught her eyes. Despite that, she continued to move ahead and stops to the point where she notices a door. There was indeed an under basement attached to the basement. Alexandra got awestruck when she saw the basement. In a matter of a minute, all her forgotten dreams got revived. She was right! Those were indeed alluding towards something and finally, she had found that out. She had solved the mystery. The basement was looking extremely eerie.

She panned the torch all over the room to spot anything suspicious. Strangely, the room was all empty. She inspected the walls and the floors for any evidence but unfortunately, there was nothing. It was extremely confusing for her as she could not understand why this small room was made. The room was too small to offer any accommodation to any individual. So what this room was built for? Was the woman about to find an abandoned gold mine under her house? She put her story online and hence created a ripple on the internet. It also helped her gather more information about the history of Underground Railroad. Though it’s been several years the evidence of Underground Railroad keeps coming up. She had been awed by the finding and she wanted to spread the word all over. Alexandra stated, “I need to figure out next steps.” She is going to work hard to find out the truth behind the secret room.