According to the police officials, the responding officer reportedly broke into a car to rescue a baby locked inside, only to discover he made a big mistake. Lt. Short was called to a Walmart for a report of a baby locked inside of a car in the parking lot. Because it was a hot day, the responding officer decided immediately upon seeing feet sticking out from under a blanket that he needed to break the window to rescue the baby. 

After the officer had broken into the car and pulled the blanket away, he thought the child was dead, so he breathed into its mouth, but the lungs did not inflate. Lt. Short then realized that the baby was, in fact, a realistic-looking doll and that its mouth did not open. He canceled the call for an ambulance. 

When Short found the owner of the doll, Carolynne, who was getting her hair cut in Super Cuts during the incident, she told the officer that it was designed to look as much as a real baby as possible. Short said the doll even felt like a real baby when he picked it up. Seiffert had purchased the doll, named Ainslie from a doll nursery for $2,300 the week before the incident, according to reports.

The doll, called a “reborn” doll, is handcrafted from silicone so it looks as realistic as possible. Seiffert has a collection of reborn dolls (SEE PHOTO). She says she plans to put a sticker on her car to alert others that the babies inside the car are not real.