It doesn’t matter who we are, life can be difficult to deal with. There are times, however, when somebody may face situations that are more than difficult, they can affect you for many years to come. Perhaps that is seen most with young children who are still very influential and if those who are helping them in some way or another don’t do it properly, the impact can be catastrophic over the years. That is especially seen when a teacher does not fulfill their role in the way that they could but rather, they give the children a hard time in the classroom.

This was seen when a kindergarten teacher was caught bullying the students in her classroom. It came to light when Tomas moved with his family to the area. Their young daughter was looking forward to a new school as she had always enjoyed kindergarten, but from the very first day, she came home crying. He knew that something was wrong because his daughter had always loved school but now, something was different and he knew that he needed to get to the bottom of what was actually taking place. That is when he got a small recorder and looked to find the truth. “After the first day, my daughter came home crying. We got her to tell us that the teacher was mean and she was very loud,” said Tomas. The father then went to visit the principal and he took his wife along. The teacher, they were told, was naturally loud and the daughter needed to adjust. Unfortunately, “Weeks and weeks passed and it was the same.” He added, “Every day was the same, she came home crying. Every morning, she would cry that she had to go to school.”

Even though they went to check with the school officials, their daughter continued to suffer the same issues. They confirmed with the Sheriff’s office that it was illegal to record the classroom conversations, so a tiny recording device was hidden in their daughter’s hair. That is when they found out what was really going on with a six hour recording that was far too much bullying. The teacher could be heard yelling at the students. “Stop talking, for once in your lives stop talking!” She also was heard saying: “Why would you put an open drink in your backpack? It’s common sense. What’s going to happen to a drink that is open and goes into your backpack? It’s going to spill all over.”

She could also be heard giving a student a hard time forgetting a math question wrong. “Obviously, you don’t understand it.” Tomas understands that some teachers need to use a louder voice to maintain order but this style of bullying should never be permitted. “The entire time that she’s in class the teacher is yelling and screaming at these children. And it’s not just that she’s loud. She’s belittling them, she’s a bully to them, and we just found it disgusting,” he said. The parents were concerned that their little girl does not have the same enthusiasm for school and she doesn’t want to go to class. After he got the proof, he took it to the principal but he refused to listen to the “secretly-obtained recordings of staff members.” A spokesman for the school district said: “We are aware of the concerns expressed by parents from PGE. The school administration concluded their investigation and the teacher was disciplined in accordance with our School Board policy and procedures. 

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