Dakota College at Bottineau program trains EMTs during pandemic

Dakota College at Bottineau program trains EMTs during pandemic

MINOT, N.D. – Medical Students at Dakota College at Bottineau are earning credit hours and lending a helping hand in their communities through the Paramedic Technology Program.

The program allows students to get hands-on experience in medical facilities in and around Minot.

Paramedic students like Carter Gage said that they were able to get crucial experience despite limited access to medical facilities.

“We weren’t able to go into the patient rooms that had COVID patients and the OR slowed down quite a bit so, there were a lot less opportunities for us to do our intubation so it took a little longer. Took a lot more clinical hours than it normally does,” said Gage.

Students said they were able to adapt during COVID and provide much needed help while also earning the clinical hours they need.

“Even in the ER they know we need to learn it, they’re shorthanded, there’s always a need for medics around and they know we need to get it done. There’s been a little bit of ‘stand back and watch,’ especially with COVID patients. Other than that, they’ve been great about letting us in the room,” said PTP student Kristyl Blowers.

Students were able to continue with the year-long program by switching to online courses and using simulation labs. Students could also practice some things on each other.

Faculty said working during COVID is beneficial for students about to join the work force.

“One of the things we have to look for in students is that ability to think on their feet and to improvise and get the job done and this is just invaluable as far as them learning how to do that,” said Paramedic Technology Program Director Mary Jund.

The program will wrap up in August where students will apply what they’ve learned during a ride along as acting paramedic.

Educating the next generation of medical professionals, one ride along at a time.

The program is now accepting applications for the next year until April 1.

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