First District Health Unit updates community on vaccination plans

First District Health Unit updates community on vaccination plans

MINOT, N.D. – First District Health Unit stepped up as the first healthcare provider for Minot and the surrounding areas to address the impending rollout of the COVID vaccine and the public’s concerns.

They said they’re expecting roughly 200 doses of the vaccine to arrive next week.

Staff with First District said they weren’t in the first rounds of vaccine shipments that went out this week, but they are expecting to get some vaccines the week of Christmas.

The provider said the first shipment of the Moderna vaccine will go to healthcare workers, in accordance with the state’s distribution plan.

“We’ve identified four sites throughout the seven counties and they will be invited to attend either one of those sites to get their first dose,” said Executive Director Lisa Clute.

Immunization coordinator Lacey McNichols said there isn’t currently a timeline for when vaccines will be available to the public.

“It’s going to take us a long time to get that blockage up of people who are vaccinated for COVID. So yea, we’re going to have to continue to wear masks and social distance and all that until we can get this virus out of our community,” said McNichols.

Clute said they will continue to keep the public as updated as possible on the First District health website and other forms of media. Other health providers such as Trinity are also still waiting on their first shipments of the vaccine.

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