A wedding is a celebration of two people choosing to make a commitment to each other. It’s the coming together of two people’s plans, dreams and passions. It’s the culmination of days, week and months of planning, ideas and hopes. This is why it’s so important that you have the wedding that is right for you. A day that reflects who you are, what you love and what’s important to you. But, unfortunately, this is not the case for some people.

The Saudi groom, who was not identified, reportedly divorced his bride on their wedding night after seeing her face for the first time when the photographer asked them to pose for pictures. The couple, from the Western Saudi town, had agreed to marry each other despite having not met face to face – a popular custom in certain Middle Eastern countries. But when the bride removed her veil and smiled for the camera, her new husband leapt to his feet in disgust.  Per reports, the Saudi couple had never met before their wedding and when the groom clocked his new wife he said “You are not the girl I imagined. I’m sorry – but I divorce you.”

A groom told his bride he wanted a divorce as she lifted her veil to show him her face for the first time. The couple, who had not met before the arranged marriage, were about to pose for pictures after walking down the aisle. The husband jumped to his feet and said: “You are not the girl I imagined. I’m sorry – but I divorce you.” The bride immediately collapsed in a fit of tears as panicked wedding guests stepped in to try to resolve the dispute. But their efforts were to no avail. Local reports said the bride then collapsed and became hysterical as panicking wedding guests stepped in to try to resolve it. 

As is the custom in some Middle Eastern countries, the couple from the western town of Medinah had agreed to marry despite having not met face to face. News of the jilting was met with anger on social media. One friend posted: “He caused her great pain through his irresponsible attitude, and he deserves to suffer. “He should appreciate that beauty is in the character, not the face. “Unfortunately many young people today are interested only in looks and ignore values and morals. “May God give her a better husband who will appreciate her for who and what she is.”