A baby brings so much joy to a family. A part of you continues in another human being. Your genetics are passed on to a new generation. You can see your and your partner’s habits in the little one. You can share life lessons and have fun while watching your baby grow and navigate through life. You’ve brought a new life into this world. A new born baby is the cutest little being with its little fingers and toes. At this stage they are fully dependent on you as the parent and are completely vulnerable. You will recognise your eyes or your nose in theirs and it will fill you with pride and joy.

But, this was not the case with this unfortunate family. When everything seems to be beautiful about the birth of a baby, there was a dark side that this unfortunate family had to face after their daughter was born. The way the newborn would behave bothered the couple. And when years later, a neighbor steps into their lives, everything changed forever. The baby, the parents, their family all ended up being in a quagmire. According to the Daily Mail, the mother and father, Vera and Nikolay, have discovered they have raised the wrong child for 39 years after two babies were accidentally switched a birth. They discovered that their real daughter is Valentina who is living in Russia.

Since 27 March 1978, they raised another girl, Tatyanna, after the babies were switched in a hospital in Moldova where the couple are originally from.   When the couple were living in Moldova near the family who raised their real daughter there were rumours that the girls were in the wrong families. But in 1999 the Lashturs moved to the US leaving their real daughter behind without knowing. But the rumours remained with the family and so they decided to find their real daughter and a DNA test last month told them that Valentina was their girl. 

Anatoliy has assured Tatyanna – the woman he grew up with – that he still considers her his sister. Tatyanna has visited her real family in Moldova since finding out but her real father has died.  Both babies were born on the same day and in the same room, and after coming home each one refused to feed for the first three months, would always cry and were constantly sick. After tracking down biological sister Valentina online, they quizzed her and eventually after seeing pictures believed there could be a chance she was related. Anatoliy, who is Valentina’s brother and a father of four, had double the reason to celebrate after his wife gave birth to baby Rebeka, the same day the DNA tests were revealed.