Maine woman hopes to get her masks to all 50 states
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Maine woman hopes to get her masks to all 50 states

BISMARCK, N.D. – Not many of us enjoy wearing a mask, even though face coverings have become a very real part of our lives over the past year.

Many people have learned how to make their own fabric masks, and it’s even led some to start new businesses.

That includes one woman from Maine, who has something for everyone, including folks right here in North Dakota.

Janice Rand has been sewing up a storm, making masks for friends and family.

“I found something really specific for each of them. One was dogs, one was lighthouses,” she explained.

Rand quickly realized this could be a way to make a little extra money. She started a Facebook page, maskMEinstyle. You’ll often find her going live there, sharing her newest creations.

“People love seeing me holding up things. They enjoy the Facebook lives. And I’ve gotten to know my clients,” Rand said.

Her Facebook page has been good for her business. She’s sold masks to people in 45 states. Her goal: to get a mask in all 50 states.

“I bought a few fabrics for the last few states,” Rand said.

Those last five states on her list: Nebraska, Louisiana, Idaho, Arkansas and North Dakota.

She’s even got NDSU Bison fabric. After a quick lesson on how to pronounce the word Bison.

“It’s pronounced BiZon,” reporter Jody Kerzman explained.

“With a z? I’m so glad you told me that,” Rand responded.

She whipped up a Bison mask. And you might say, Rand might just be the newest fan of the “Thundering Herd.”

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