Minot alderman to propose uses of NDR funds

Minot alderman to propose uses of NDR funds

MINOT, N.D. – Minot Alderman Josh Wolsky said he plans to propose two action items related to the National Disaster Resilience funds.

Wolsky made the announcement at council this past week.

The items include entering into a sub-recipient agreement with the Souris River Joint Board.

The board would be responsible for helping to further plans on how to fix sections of the river with no current and excess sediment, also known as dead loops, a priority the council identified in 2017.

The second item is to bring in a city financial consultant organization called Strong Towns to help with economic development planning.

“We are approaching the end, within a couple of years here pretty quick, of the NDR program being no longer a source of funds for us, and both of these activities are planning related activities that I think Minot is in need of and would benefit from,” said Wolsky.

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