Minot community reacts to face mask resolution passed by council

Minot community reacts to face mask resolution passed by council

MINOT, N.D. – The Minot City Council recently passed a resolution that requires city employees to wear a mask when they cannot social distance.

The resolution also recommends that citizens and businesses wear masks.

Some residents in Minot said they understand the purpose of the city’s resolution.

“They can be a pain sometimes, as I am sure you already know, but if it’s necessary it’s necessary,” said Minot resident Kevin Dieudeonne.

Others say they are happy it’s only a recommendation to the public, as they believe it should be a private decision.

“I feel that it should be our own choice if we wear a mask or not,” said Victoria Jacob.

Alderwoman Carrie Evans said the council wanted to encourage the public to keep practicing safety measures without overstepping their roles.

“We knew clearly where our lines of authority were, and that was with our employees and our public buildings that the city of Minot owns,” said Evans.

The council voted Monday to unanimously pass the resolutions.

They said it was at the request of city employees and heads of various departments.

“If it helps our employees feel more safe so they can be more productive in doing their jobs, I’m all for it,” said Minot Alderman Tom Ross.

The masks will only be required of the employees when social distancing is not possible.

This decision from the council goes along with the state’s #MaskUpND initiative.

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