MINOT, N.D. – “She’s beautiful yeah she’s a Siamese Manx and I didn’t even know what that was until we adopted her,” Scott Lane said.

Lane has always been a cat person, and in May of 2020 he thought about rescuing a cat to be a companion for his current one, from Hairball Haven a local nonprofit.

“We went to go meet Floki and as we walked in, the lady at the foster home was holding Violet said well this is Floki’s sister and it looks like she’s gonna be all alone now.”

And Scott said he couldn’t let that happen, so he went home with two kittens. And as Violet showed her personality she has become quite the celebrity, even scoring her own Facebook page run by Scott.

“Just kinda jokingly I said yeah I wanna make you a supermodel someday and she meowed really loud like she knew what I was saying and because she doesn’t have a tail she’ll sit on her butt like a human,” Lane said.

And now Violet has the chance to reach true supermodel status as she competes for America’s Favorite Pet, and a prize of $5,000, and if she wins a portion will go right back to the place that brought her to Scott.

“We wanted to give back to Hairball Haven maybe have them put together a ‘Violet’s corner’, or put a chair in there so people can get to know their new kittens a little better before they adopt them,” Lane said.

And even if Violet doesn’t take home the prize, Scott hopes her photos and page bring a little joy to peoples’ days.

“The whole pandemic and everything to be able to have something like this that’s so pure and so real and full of love just kind of focus on that and make our own good news and kinda give Minot and the whole community something to watch and take part in,” Lane said.