MINOT, N.D. – People in Minot could see a possible increase in property taxes next year.

The Minot Park Board approved a preliminary budget for next year. The budget is projected to see a 2% increase from last year, coming in at $14.3 million. The director of parks says they are hopeful residents won’t see that much of a difference, or any at all.

“If your evaluation goes up about 1.8% which is the average that the mill value went up, you would be looking at about $8.70 from our portion of the tax bill,” said Ron Merritt.

Merritt says the increase comes from various projects they have planned for next year. Minot Park’s budget represents 12 percent of the overall tax bill. Ward County, the city of Minot, and Minot Public schools have yet to finalize a budget for next year.