The prospect of raising twins can seem like a daunting task, two mouths to feed, two bottoms to diaper, twice the crying, and, down the road, two sets of college tuition at the same time. While having two babies does mean a few difficult moments, it can also be the most fulfilling challenge you’ll ever experience. When an old family friend contacted Carrie and Craig Kosinski and asked them if they could take care of her young twins, they said “yes.” Carrie and Craig offered to take custody of the cute girls on a trial basis. But then days became weeks, weeks became months, and soon, the girls were part of the family for good. Having children had always been a dream for Carrie and Craig, but they had no idea what their journey would end up looking like.

Soon after that, Adalynn and Kenna were born. The twins were delivered by emergency C-section and the Kosinkis got legal guardianship of the girls when they were 3 months old.  After a couple of years raising their adoptive twins, Carrie and Craig heard from their biological mom, who explained that she had another heartbreaking situation on her hands. She had major problems in her life and was struggling to make everything work. She asked the couple if they would be willing to adopt her two younger children, two-year-old twins Cece and J.J. The younger twins were Kenna and Adalynn’s biological brother and sister.

Carrie and Craig had to think long and hard about the right thing to do. While going through the adoption process with Kenna and Adalynn, the couple had experienced multiple failed attempts at getting pregnant. For a long time, they had no clue what was wrong and decided to see a doctor, who delivered some heartbreaking news. The doctor told Carrie that she couldn’t conceive naturally because she had severe endometriosis. So to have biological children was basically out of the question – that’s why they turned to adoption in the first place. “It was a difficult decision. We were trying to get pregnant ourselves. But they were siblings so that was definitely was part of our consideration — we wanted to keep the siblings together,” Carrie told The Journal Times. But Carrie and Craig left their personal concerns aside and told the mother that they would be happy to adopt the younger twins. But just a few weeks after welcoming Cece and J.J. to the family, Carrie felt strange and realized she needed to go to the doctor.

An ultrasound revealed that Carrie herself was pregnant. In fact, not one but two fetuses appeared on the screen! This would be she and Craig’s third set of twins in five years! Although they were overwhelmed at first, Craig and Carrie knew their pregnancy was a gift from a higher power. The parents decided to do everything they could so that all six children would grow up in a safe, loving environment. But fate would soon play the family another visit, and their doctors could barely believe what happened. Bological twins Karaline and Clarisa were born on the same date that the other two pairs of twins were born! The fact that all of Carrie and Craig’s children share the same birthday was a clear sign to the grateful parents that this was meant to happen. Obviously, it’s costly to have three sets of twins under one roof, but many people in the surrounding community have offered financial help. Via fundraising sites like GoFundMe and AdoptTogether, kind strangers from all over the country helped the family with money to meet their growing expenses and high costs. Today, this family is enjoying life, and to see all these beautiful kids grow up must be such a blessing for Carrie and Craig.

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