The pregnant woman, FIavia, was close to the end of her pregnancy when she was invited to a baby shower. The pregnant woman was described by a friend as a kind person who trusted people, but this time she trusted the wrong person. She was 36 weeks into her pregnancy when an old school friend of hers made her believe that a baby shower was being thrown for her. And with the help of her partner, the 26-year-old “friend” lured Flavia to the fake party. After Flavia’s friend managed to bring the pregnant woman to the spot under the pretext of a baby shower, she and her partner attacked Flavia with the intention of taking away her unborn baby.

The future mother, who had no idea they could have such terrible intensions, fell a prey to their plot. The man involved in the crime later admitted that he used a brick to murder Flavia, after which they dumped her body at a pottery yard. The next day, Flavia’s husband and her mother went around looking for her and finally found her body, but they noticed that the baby was not there. Meanwhile, Flavia’s old school friend and her partner had taken the baby, who was named Cecília, to the hospital. Suspicions started arising as the hospital staff noticed cuts on the little one’s back. The friend was also showing no signs of recently having given birth to a child. All these signs gave the staff reason to suspect that there was some foul play.

Authorities in Brazil soon arrived at the hospital and both the friend and her partner were arrested for the crime. While they were being interrogated, the couple revealed that the old school friend had suffered a miscarriage. After losing a child earlier this year, the friend admitted to the police that she became ready to steal a child and soon became obsessed with the idea. After suffering the miscarriage, the friend kept it a secret and told people that she was still going to have a child. “She continued to lie to everyone that she was still pregnant,” said an officer.

It was confirmed by Detective Paulo that the cause of Flavia’s death was a sharp cut to the abdomen and wounds from a brick. It was also reported that an autopsy report will be able to confirm whether she was alive or dead while the old friend and the partner committed the heinous act of ripping the baby out from Flavia’s body. Baby Cecília thankfully received the medical care and attention she needed. Kept at the Children’s Hospital, the baby had come out with injuries after the gruesome incident and has been receiving antibiotics as well as pain medication. If things went as Flavia and her husband had imagined, the baby would have been born without sustaining such injuries and grow up safely with her mom and dad to protect her.