MINOT, N.D. – Grief has been all too common as the pandemic continues on, and while it’s an important process, there is a healthy way to go through it.

The loss of a family member, a pet, or even isolation can add up on top of the pandemic.

That’s what lead a Minot self-care coach to share her own family’s experience in one of her recent blog posts.

She says we all have most likely lost something or someone over the past nine months, and it’s important to acknowledge that.

“Somedays it might be today I can’t — I can’t talk about it I’m — but there’ll be days when you can and so to have those connections are important and there are so many more resources than we realize that are out there and not just our friends and family,” Self-Care counselor Elaine Sveet said.

One tip she says has helped her family, is to honor lost loved ones through activities like scrapbooks or even a dedicated Christmas ornament.