According to court documents, Miranda, the stepmother, has been sentenced to nearly three decades in prison for her involvement in the tragic death of her 4-year-old stepson, Benjy. Prosecutors allege that Miranda subjected the young boy to horrific abuse, including starvation and forcing him to ingest urine and hand sanitizer. She has been convicted of injury to a child with serious bodily harm and received a 25-year prison term.

The prosecution also implicates Benjy’s father, Brandon, who faces similar charges. Allegedly, Miranda intentionally withheld food from the child and forced him to consume harmful substances. Disturbing video evidence presented during the trial depicted the young boy pleading for sustenance while in a distressed state.

Additionally, prosecutors introduced messages exchanged between Miranda and her mother, where Miranda admitted to purposefully starving the child and installing locks on kitchen cabinets to prevent him from accessing food.

Throughout the trial, Miranda denied any wrongdoing, shifting blame onto the child’s father for installing the cabinet locks. District Attorney Gonzales condemned the egregious neglect and abuse, emphasizing the importance of justice for vulnerable children subjected to such cruelty.