What dentists found stuck in this girl’s teeth was beyond anyone’s imagination. Blair was ready to get a new look when she went to her dentist. What she didn’t know at that time was how a simple procedure was about to uncover the harmful thing she had been doing since the very beginning. Blair and her family realized that the healthy habits she relied on, just like all of us, took her to a dental clinic. A normal thing became the reason for immense pain and suffering, bringing it to everyone’s.

When she rushed to the dentist, it was on to discover the unsettling truth. Teenage is a phase full of mood swings that almost every adult would understand the time when our bodies undergo several changes. Teenage is the only age when we get most concerned about our looks. Blair, too, was like other teens, concerned about her appearance and all. She was thinking to get a minor issue with her teeth fixed.

Blaire got a teeth cleaning and what she recently saw in her mouth, caused her concern. “I noticed a there was a little blue bead and I just thought it was excess food or something, but it was weird,” said Blair. Those little blue beads are “polyethylene” microbeads. They are plastic and the same kind used in bottles and grocery bags. Dentist Dr. Klein just had a patient complaining about a tiny blue dot under her front gum. 

“We saw it in patients, but really didn’t know what it was and we just thought it was something that they had eaten or something like that,” said Dr. Klein. He found two microbeads lodged under the patient’s gums.  “Over a period of time, you get bacteria that’d build up around it and it’d get inflamed, it could potentially be a problem,” he said. When the doctors came up with their final explanation, it was only to warn the world on the other side. Blair was running a flashback of the past few days in her mind. She didn’t remember trying to open a plastic bag from her mouth. She thought it could be a possibility that she chewed on a pen cap for too long.