The then-22-year-old woman, Carmesia, reportedly crashed during an illegal street race. She was charged with the murder of an innocent 52-year-old grandmother, Brandy. But, unfortunately, before the body was even cold, the accused killer recorded a disturbing message for the victim’s family. Along with murder, she was charged with unlawful possession of a controlled substance and leaving the scene of an accident with injury. However, it was the young woman’s subsequent message to the victim’s family and her accusers that has sparked even more outrage.

After posting a $175,000 bond, she uploaded a video message that went viral. In the video, the woman hurls expletives, insults the deceased victim, and insists she’s innocent and will beat her murder charge. “That old a** lady swerved in my lane,” she says in the first video, seemingly addressing criticism from people online. She also denies fleeing the scene. Carmesia is accused the police of a conspiracy, insisting that they only arrested her because she is still “alive” and “was there” at the scene. She then placed the blame on the victim by arguing that it was Brandy’s own fault she died.

“I ain’t killed nobody. You hear me? I ain’t killed nobody. This lady ran into me,” she later said. “They ain’t charging her with s***. They charging me because I was alive, and I was there, basically. That’s how the police work. But I’m not mad. B****, I handle my s*** like a motherf***** OG would. Yeah, she dead. She dead. but I didn’t do it. The f***? … She did it to her motherf****** self because she ran into me.” She later removed the post but eventually uploaded a second longer video rant. In it, her mother comes to her defense as the pair hurl expletives at critics and promise to win the criminal case against her.

Brandy’s surviving family members were upset by Carmesia’s lack of sympathy and brazen insults toward their deceased matriarch. They are hoping that the videos will show the court that the grandmother’s accused killer deserves a harsh punishment. After the video was published, Carmesia’s criminal history was brought to light. Just months before she was charged with Brandy’s death, she was charged with first-degree domestic violence with a firearm. She was accused of firing a gun and wounding a woman in the foot. A year earlier, she was charged with first-degree armed burglary, in which she allegedly broke into a home with the intent to commit a theft.