According to her family, when the 80-year-old woman needed surgery for her back injury, her family took her to the hospital and paid a doctor to perform the procedure. Once they were back home and the elderly woman was recovering from the surgery, her family noticed that her wound became worse and that she was bleeding profusely. However, when they took her back to the hospital and asked for the doctor, they were told by the staff that none of the doctors working in the hospital went by that name.

The 80-year-old woman, Shamema, was taken to one of Pakitan’s biggest hospitals, for her back wound. Upon arriving at the hospital, a man named Waheed walked up to them and said he was a doctor, ready to help them. The family went on to pay him for the surgery as well as for two follow-up re-dressings at home. The man performed the surgery on Shamema’s back right inside the hospital. He was even accompanied by another qualified employee in the operation theatre. Later, the family had to bring Shamema back to the hospital after noticing how her wound was bleeding and turning worse.

When they asked the hospital for the doctor named Waheed, they were told by the staff that none of the doctors in their hospital went by that name. Soon, the mystery unraveled and the family realized Butt was not even a doctor. He was actually a security guard who used to work at the hospital before. According to The Guardian, Waheed reportedly posed as a doctor on other occasions in the past and paid visits to the homes of other patients. The hospital had found out that Waheed had been trying to extort money from patients and decided to fire him a couple of years ago.

When an administrative official from the hospital spoke about the botched surgery performed on Shamema, they said, “We can’t keep up with what every doctor and what everyone is doing at all times. It’s a large hospital.” After the incident came to light, the former security guard was charged and arrested by the police while the other hospital employee was suspended for assisting him. Police spokesman, Safdar reportedly said: “The guard has been charged and is in police custody. Waheed had posed as a doctor and made home visits to other patients in the past also.” Unfortunately, Shamema lost her life two weeks after the operation was performed. The hospital still does not know what type of surgery was performed on her body while she was in the operating theatre, The Guardian reported.

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