BPS mask recommendation brings a mixture of mask wearing to the classroom

BPS mask recommendation brings a mixture of mask wearing to the classroom

BISMARCK, N.D. – It’s been 14 months since students have been able to walk the school hallways without a mask.

But starting Tuesday, they are no longer required in the Bismarck School District.

When you take a look inside Legacy High School classrooms, you’ll see a mixture, some with masks, some without.

But one thing the teachers and students agree on is that they like having an option.

“I personally have been vaccinated, and so I’m grateful for the opportunity to have the choice,” said Legacy High School senior Kadence Hart.

But for others, the choice opens students up to peer pressure.

“You know I walked into school this morning wearing my mask, I showed up to my first class, and there was two other people wearing a mask. Does that kind of make me feel like, ‘hey, maybe it’s okay to take mine off, I don’t know,’” Legacy High School senior Alexander Brady.

Some say the decision comes a little last minute.

“I feel like the transition was a little bit late for the time being as we only have about less than a month left of school. I do think it’s really nice though, that people now have the option to,” said Legacy High School senior Ashlee McPherson.

Teachers say they’re excited to see more faces.

“I think it’s great to see kids back to normal and everybody smiling, and you know I just value the ability to choose to wear a mask or not if you want, ” said Legacy High School English teacher Dawn Krupinsky.

“I had the ability to teach and to actually read faces, and I think, in the comfort of all of it, it felt natural. It felt like it was good today,” said Legacy High School math teacher Steven Schultz.

Administrators say they did work on a plan to transition in-person students to distance learning if they felt uncomfortable.

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