Cats love to sleep and are known for sleeping 12 to 16 hours throughout the day. Cats are supposed to be nocturnal animals. So, have you ever wondered – what do they get up to at night? A cat lover, Lomphon, wanted to find out so he set up a camera to record his pet while he was sleep. He was prepared to see some pretty strange activity but he never expected to see his kitty keeping watch over his sleeping body.

His cat, Achi, has always been a very affectionate kitty, loving nothing more than spending time curled up with his adoring owner, Lomphon. But Lomphon recently learned that he and his cuddly cat’s most epic snuggle sessions have actually been taking place while he’s out cold. A while back, Lomphon set up a hidden camera at his house to keep tabs on Achi while he’s at work. However, the most interesting footage came when Lomphon decided to face the camera toward his bed at night — revealing exactly what his cat was up to as he slept.

Achi, it turns out, has been making himself quite comfortable. Reviewing the video, Lomphon found that, after he’s dozed off, Achi kicks into action — taking the opportunity to not merely snuggle by his side, but to indulge himself with even more. Night after night, Achi is seen climbing atop Lomphon’s chest, confirming with a paw that he’s indeed asleep.

Then he plops his body directly on Lomphon’s face. Essentially, what’s been happening on a nightly basis is that Achi has been choking his owner out — with love, of course. Now, Lomphon might not normally allow for this in-his-face type of snuggle, but up until seeing the footage, he’d been unaware of Achi’s evening ritual. Suddenly, those dreams of suffocating all made sense. Despite being found out, Achi is hardly apologetic. But that’s more than all right, in his owner’s opinion.