One of nature’s greatest marvels is giving birth, and there are as many different methods to achieve it as there are parenting philosophies. All legal methods of giving birth to children safely exist, including hospital births, epidural-free deliveries, and home water births with doulas. Nevertheless, one mother is changing the tides with her sensational interpretation of the water birth by giving birth to her child right in the glistening Red Sea. That is one approach to it.

It’s believed the woman is a Russian tourist, who travelled to the resort town in Egypt to give birth in the Red Sea – a pilgrimage that’s becoming increasingly popular. The amazing series of snaps was shared by Hadia who says she took the images from her uncle’s home. She claims the older man with the baby is a Russian doctor who specialises in water births. It’s assumed the younger man is the baby’s father.

The baby is carried from the Red Sea, umbilical cord attached and placenta in a plastic bowl. Waiting on the shore is a child, who is likely the sibling of the brand new bub. The family then appears to soak up the beautiful moment, while they take their own photos.

According to some reports, the mum is a Russian tourist and had travelled all the way to this resort town to give birth in the special waters of the Red Sea. The mum-to-be was accompanied by her husband and her doctor, who specialises in water births. Before labour started, the Russian woman had gone for a swim. But it looks like her labour started just then. Her partner and doctor followed her and helped in delivering the baby. Reportedly, the placenta was put in a bowl after the birth. The baby was then carried out while the umbilical cord was still attached. Apparently, it was a seamless delivery.