When Heidi and Ed met they knew they had found their perfect partner. The couple had met at college, got to know each other and fell in love. No long thereafter, their relationship became increasingly serious, and they moved in together. They thought they knew everything about each other but a lunch with Heidi’s mom would reveal that she knew more about them than they could ever imagine.

Heidi and Ed had several reasons to celebrate their graduation. Not only did they both graduate, they had also found their future forever partner. After they had been dating for four years, Heidi’s and Ed’s parents would finally meet their children’s true loves. They all went out to eat together and Heidi’s mom Kay revealed a fun coincidence. When Heidi was only six years old, she had fallen in love with a boy named Ed during a summer vacation. No one thought about the fun fact at the time. But two weeks later, Kay discovered something that changed everything.

Heidi’s mom had found an old photograph of Heidi along with the boy Ed while she was looking through her attic. The picture was from a family vacation in Turkey, but the boy Ed was familiar. Heidi’s mom immediately recognized the young boy as the same Ed Heidi was with today! “When my mom found the first photo of us she sent it to me and I was stunned. I actually had to lie down,” Heidi told  The Independent. Ed asked his parents to dig into their photo archive and they found five other pictures of Heidi and Ed together.

During that vacation, Ed and Heidi had been inseparable and had held hands most of the time. Now they can continue to hold hands forever. Earlier this summer, the couple married in a beautiful house built in the 12th century. Heidi can hardly believe that the two had been dating for so long thinking this was the first time they had met. “We had been together for four years when we found out so it’s mad to think we might never have known,” Heidi  told The Independent “People keep telling us that it must be fate and that it’s like the plot of a movie!”