Cosplayers, pop culture fans take over Minot for iMagicon 2021

Cosplayers, pop culture fans take over Minot for iMagicon 2021

MINOT, N.D. – Hundreds of pop culture, anime and cosplay fans took over the Minot auditorium Friday for day one of iMagicon 2021.

This year’s convention features more than 50 vendors, a record for iMagicon.

Returning vendors say it’s good to be back.

“I always like meeting my friends I always love meeting the friends that I made last year, I talk to them all the time over Facebook and Instagram. it’s always nice to be able to see my friends again and then make new ones,” said William Hammond, a returning vendor.

But while on the floor, guests should beware!

Star Trek and Star Wars fan organizations have teamed up for a Charity Battle.

Guests can pay to have someone put in jail by either the Star Fleet or 501st Legion officers.

All the proceeds go to a local charity of their choice.

“The banter back and forth, we’re different organizations but we still have fun we know we have our rivalries and we’re bringing it to do a good cause,” said Brian Huntzinger, Star Fleet Commander, First Officer.

Starting Saturday, guests can also look forward to panels from actors Johnny Yong Bosch and Cerina Vincent as they discuss their careers in entertainment and meet the fans.

“This is my first event in over 14 months because of COVID so it’s really fun to safely get back into doing these things because the actor fan interaction is really special,” said Vincent.

“For me, especially with voiceover I’m in the booth by myself so whenever I get to come out to a con I get to see if a show is good or if people like it or not,” said Bosch.

Combining fantasy and reality into one iMagicon weekend.

The convention goes through the weekend and tickets are still available. You can find out more in the iMagicon website.

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