Childcare aid for Minot first responders amid COVID-19

Childcare aid for Minot first responders amid COVID-19

MINOT, N.D. – First responders, medical staff, and essential city employees in Minot will receive day care provided by the city.

The city approved the first reading of an ordinance that increased the budget for the Emergency Personnel Childcare Services by $40,000.

Emergency personnel include law enforcement, firefighters, water and wastewater employees, Minot Public Works, healthcare employees and community ambulance employees that are identified as essential.

Under the ordinance, these employees will not be responsible for any costs relating to the child care that will be provided at Minot Public Schools.

Mayor Shaun Sipma said they are doing everything they can to make the child care environment safe.

“There are daily temperatures that are taken from the children and every possible scenario has kind of played out through this process on how we could best handle this in the safest way possible,” Sipma said.

The childcare is taking place at four locations in the city.

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