Efforts to clean up litter in the Magic City

Efforts to clean up litter in the Magic City

MINOT, N.D. – There are more than a 50 billion pieces of litter on U.S. roadways, mainly from drivers and pedestrians—that’s according to KeepAmericaBeautiful.org.

Even driving around Minot, you may have noticed more trash and litter around the Magic City. A Minot organization is doing their part to help cut that down.

Litter around the Magic City, not only is it unsightly, it also damages the environment by getting into water supplies.

“Those plastics get into our waterways. They move throughout the country out to the oceans,” said Tim Baumann, a local environmental advocate.

The Minot Area Chamber EDC will be hosting their annual trash cleanup the first weekend in May to help get the city ready for the summer months.

“We have areas that we are concentrating on that we ask people to come sign up for. They put teams together, there are many businesses that do this year after year,” said Carla Dolan with the Minot Area Chamber EDC.

But the effort to clean up the city doesn’t just have to be two days.

“It’s easy to just grab a bag from you house and while you are out for walk, just pick up a few things and you know it can be done all year long, it doesn’t just have to be done the first weekend in May,” said Dolan.

Every piece of trash picked up counts.

“Even if it seems like you are shouting to the wind or it doesn’t matter, it really does. It makes a big impact on our community now and in the months and years to come,” said Baumann.

Working to keep the Magic City clean.

For more information on the cleanup map and how to volunteer, contact the Minot Area Chamber EDC at 701-852-6000 or email [email protected].

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