As part of being in the Navy, Chris is expected to go on long tours on naval ships, protecting the high seas. Cryptologic technicians in the Navy are responsible for analyzing encrypted electronic communications, jamming enemy radar signals, deciphering information in foreign languages, and upkeep and monitoring of the equipment and networks that generate top secret intelligence. It is a very important position and critical for the armed forces. It does Chris much honor to be doing something so important for the good of his family and country.

Chris was left in disbelief from the surprise his wife had waiting for him when he returned home after a seven-month tour on the high seas.  When you are a Navy man and are deployed to the Western Pacific, you hope that everything goes as smoothly as possible. You try to tie up any loose ends that may exist at home and then you take off for the other side of the world. That was what happened to Chris when he left his wife Natasha for deployment. It was the week after he deployed that Natasha discovered she was pregnant with her fourth child.

Natasha was understandably excited about the pregnancy and she wanted Chris to call her so that she could tell him during his deployment. She then decided to do something a little sneakier but it took a little bit of work on her part. Chris was on deployment for six months so she decided to keep the pregnancy a secret until he returned.

This turned out to be a rather difficult trick because she had to hide the baby bump on social media or whenever she video called Chris. When Chris returned, he rushed to greet Natasha and their three children. That is when he saw that she was now 7 1/2 months pregnant! If there was ever a person who was stunned over seeing something, it has gotta be this man.