FARGO, N.D. — If you are out and about, you may have noticed more police patrols are on the roads.

It’s all an effort to bring awareness to Distracted Driving Month.

“Officers from the Fargo Police Department will be on the streets with our grant-funded overtime to enforce the distracted driving laws,” Fargo Police Department Sgt. Mike Bernier said.

This month is Distracted Driving Month to help lower the number of cases where people are not focused on the roads.

“Distracted driving is just that. It’s simply taking your mind off the road, taking your eyes off the road, and your hands off the steering wheel,” Bernier said.

If you’re caught distracted behind the wheel, you’re going to face a fine of $200.

“Under the age of 18, and you are using any sort of electronic device, rather it’s hands-free or not, you can also be stopped for that violation and be fined as well,” Bernier emphasized.

While officers here in Fargo are cracking down on the streets, next door in Minnesota, they are returning to the classrooms.

“Well, the training is really…learning how to observe and to watch what’s going on in the vehicles that are around that patrol car at that time,” Minnesota Office of Traffic Safety Director Mike Hanson said.

Director Hanson expresses that distracted driving might be underreported because he says it might be hard to detect these cases.

“Now what makes distraction driving unique and challenging is it’s very hard to prove in the course of a crash investigation,” Hanson said.

Officials are urging everyone to follow safe driving, such as putting your phone down and avoiding eating.