Main Street Minute: Guilty Sweets ND makes Minot sweeter
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Main Street Minute: Guilty Sweets ND makes Minot sweeter

N.D. – This week’s Main Street Minute will have you drooling! Your News Leader visited Guilty Sweets ND, a locally owned and operate sweet shop that whips up a large variety of desserts.

Guilty Sweets ND is not your ordinary bakery.

“Cupcakes, macaroons, cake hearts, some candy, chocolate covered strawberries have been really popular,” said bakery owner, Sarah Massey.

They’re serving up a variety of tasty creations to your exact standards.

“If you ask for a certain color of cocoa bomb let’s say and you’re getting a different shade, I am going to remake that for you. I want whatever you order to be exactly what your dreamt of,” said Massey.

Massey opened her at home bakery right as the pandemic first began.

“We really didn’t know what is was going to be like and at first it was, ‘Oh, it’s going to be two weeks,’ but I had already made so many plans so I was like, ‘I’m just going to do this and if it works out, it will work out,’” said Massey.

Turns out, the Magic City community fell in love with Guilty Sweets ND.

“She always really understands what I want. You know, I might just give her a picture or an idea and she turns it into something really beautiful,” said Samantha Creighton, a customer.

One of her most popular creations, a customizable charcuterie board, comes just in time for the Super Bowl.

“That has just tons of cheeses and artisanal meats and fruit and nuts. Literally just something for everyone,” said Massey.

Her favorite creation is the macaroon.

“They are the most difficult thing that I do make, they are the most time consuming. But their incredible, they are unique to us up here I think and people like to experience new things,” said Massey.

Making the magic city sweeter with every order.

Massey mentioned that she has some big things planned for 2021. The sweet shop is taking orders now for Valentine’s Day, but she encourages everyone to order sooner rather than later.

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