MINOT, N.D. – Minot Mayor Shaun Sipma used his emergency powers to end the city-wide mask mandate on Friday — but other council members feel they should have been consulted first.

In a statement Monday night, Alderwoman Carrie Evans expressed her concerns about the mayor’s decision.

In March of last year, council members voted to give the mayor broad powers to be used in times of crisis like the pandemic. But she wishes Mayor Sipma would have discussed ending the mask rules with the council.

“He committed to the council that he would bring large decisions to us and while he did this two times with the issue of the mandate he has not seemed to even entertain to bring the large decision of revoking the mandate to the council,” said Evans.

Aldermen Tom Ross and Stephan Podrygula both agreed with Evans. Mayor Sipma did not respond to the aldermen’s comments.

The council also voted to continue to require city workers and the public to wear masks inside city facilities.