Minot State University looking at tuition rates
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Minot State University looking at tuition rates

MINOT, N.D. – The upcoming spring semester for Minot State University begins Jan. 12.

Tuition rates usually do not change between fall and spring semesters and again did not this year.

University officials said they had to change their rates for the entire academic year, in spite of the pandemic changing the way people attend classes.

Credits prior to this year cost different for in-person learning and online learning. But now with many students having to be online for a number of reasons, the campus had to change their financial systems to help not only the students but also to help the university as well.

“We restructured the whole thing so basically a credit is a credit is a credit. Everybody kind of pays the same fees that everybody else does regardless of what type of student they are,” said Brent Winiger, MSU Vice President for Administration and Finance.

In the coming weeks, the university will be making changes to their next year’s tuition rates, based upon a number of factors including, state and national legislation, state guidelines, and student population.

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