Minot Symphony Orchestra prepares for live and virtual audience

Minot Symphony Orchestra prepares for live and virtual audience

MINOT, N.D. – The Minot Symphony Orchestra is preparing to welcome back a live audience with their first performance of 2021.

A limited audience is one of the ways the orchestra is adapting during COVID-19 to return to live performances.

It’s lights, camera, action for members of the Minot Symphony Orchestra as they record segments of this year’s family friendly show. While audience members are welcomed, the show will also be available virtually.

Kevin Vandal, the featured performer and winner of the High School Soloist contest said his first time being a part of the family friendly show brings back memories.

“I have in the past attended these children and family concerts as an audience member and I have fond memories of that,” said Vandal.

In following with distancing guidelines, the number of musicians on stage will be reduced to half the usual capacity, and there will be a limit of 200 audience members per performance. Organizers said they had to divide and conquer to include all areas of the symphony.

“There will be pieces that will be performed with just strings only, we will have a piece that is just brass and then we will have a recording available of our woodwind quintet performing that will be prerecorded and played at the concert simply due to COVID safety guidelines,” said Executive Director Ellen Fenner.

Despite the precautions, performers said they are excited to be able to return live. “I’m very familiar with the music, very passionate about it, and then to finally actually have an audience there as well makes for a marvelous performing experience,” said Vandal.

Masks will be required for performers and audience members at all times. Musicians ensuring the show will go on, one precaution at a time.

Organizers said that due to COVID, the annual children’s show will be recorded and sent to area teachers instead of being able to invite children to the campus to see it live.

Tickets for the live performances on Feb. 4 and Feb 6. are still available along with tickets for the virtual show.

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