If you grew up with brothers and sisters, you know that it’s not always easy to get along. However, you also love each other unconditionally and would do anything on the planet to help one another. It can be hard to teach siblings to treat each other with kindness. But one kid doesn’t need any lessons on how to do just that. A sweet little boy was just caught on video doing the most unbelievable thing. Every mother is said to possess a third pair of eyes at the back of their heads to keep track of their babies and now with the help of gadgets like baby monitors their jobs are so much easier.

According to his mother, the 10-year-old boy, Mason, proved just how strong a brother’s love can be when he was caught by the baby monitor comforting his 18-month-old brother, Greyson. Mason had heard his little brother crying from the next room, and thinking that his parents were asleep, he’d crept into Greyson’s room to help comfort him. Unbeknownst to him, his parents were actually watching the whole adorable scene from the baby monitor in their bedroom. “I was smiling the whole time,” Gloria, a 36-year-old mom of six, told TODAY Parents. “He has a love for Greyson that is unspeakable. I can’t even really explain it.” Gloria was so touched by her son’s sweet actions that she decided to post the video onto TikTok. Before long it had gone viral and has now been liked over 5.6 million times. 

Despite it being 3:23 AM, Mason stayed with his brother for over half an hour trying to get him back to sleep. Mason’s soothing methods included reading to his little brother, entertaining him with toys, wiping his nose, and even climbing into the crib with him. After Mason gave his best efforts, his mom decided to step in when it became clear that Grayson wasn’t in the mood for sleeping. But she was incredibly touched by the reason why Mason hadn’t simply come to wake her up in the first place. “I asked him, ‘Why did you just come and get me in the first place?’” Gloria, a writer, recalled. “He was just like, ‘you had a big day and I just wanted you to get some rest.’” Most 10-year-olds value their sleep more than anything, but according to Gloria, Mason is a natural caregiver. “I’m sure Mason was tired and cranky. He was woken up at 3 a.m.,” she explained.

“But how you saw him treat his brother is how he is. He steps up.” It wasn’t long before people took to the TikTok comments to share their love for the caring little boy. “I cried, what an amazing child you have raised. And he is going to be an amazing father and husband one day” one person wrote, while another added, “I cried too much watching this omg. When he crawled into the crib I was done for… Amazing young man.” Someone else said, “You are obviously raising a very thoughtful and caring young man. Good job mom! This is beautiful, love his heart.” A final person said, “This not only shows how sweet the kid is, but it also shows that he was raised right. Showing the love and patience that he was shown growing up.” The video is so sweet, it’s not surprising that the internet has fallen in love with it. Mason truly is an incredible big brother!