In your everyday life, you are either captured by comfort or by distress. The outcome of your best captured moments heavily relies on how you perceive things in your life. According to Officer Michael, this amazing story started with a simple traffic stop. The trooper reportedly pulled over a car and soon realized the man was a retired police officer named Matthew.

The two began reminiscing and you won’t believe what they found out about each other. I’ll give you a hint, the story ends with lifelong friends and no traffic violations. As the two began talking, Matthew couldn’t help but remember the place where Michael said he was from. He recalled delivering a baby on that street in 1991. Turns out that retired officer Matthew helped deliver now State Trooper Michael 27 years ago.

The story goes that Matthew was called to reportedly help a woman who suddenly went into labor. Matthew was on the scene and listening to instructions from a doctor, helped to deliver the baby boy. After Matthew started describing the home and the story to Michael, he knew it was the same police officer that delivered him. He couldn’t believe it. The two were shocked that fate put them in the same place at the same time once again.

Michael said that his mother tells him this story on his birthday once a year and that she is so grateful for Matthew’s help that day. They met up and Matthew got to talk to Michael’s mother. He also realized that Michael’s wife is currently pregnant, so he gave her a special gift.