Referred to as just Wang in the media, the woman in question had been looking for a dog, but she didn’t want just any one— she wanted a purebred puppy. But, unfortunately, the dog owner was shocked to find out her pet wasn’t what she had thought. She was delighted when she took her new puppy home for the first time. She bought the pup from a local pet store for $190 and couldn’t wait to watch the adorable baby spitz grow into a healthy and well-adjusted dog.

But a few months later, Wang started to worry; something isn’t quite right with her pet pooch. Firstly, it never barks. Secondly, the tail seems far too long for a puppy, and its coat is much thicker than you’d expect on a spitz. The pup also refuses to eat any kind of dog food. What’s more, other dogs and pets seem terrified of this little spitz!

Wang decided to consult an animal specialist at the local zoo, who quickly got to the root of the problem. This dog was no Japanese Spitz – it was actually a baby fox! With no idea how to raise a fox, Wang made the difficult decision to leave her ‘pet’ at the zoo. The baby fox was quarantined for a month and then slowly introduced to the other resident foxes.

Staff said Wang is welcome to visit anytime! As strange as it might sound, cases like this are not that unusual in China. The country has a long way to go when it comes to animal welfare, meaning some unscrupulous sellers often take advantage of the lack of regulation to make a quick buck.